Annie and Travis in the East Bay

1/2 of the Plectrum Ensemble have relocated to the East Bay, Oakland that is.  Annie and Travis will be coming up to these parts to perform with us from time to time but when they are not around Cody and Morris will keep it swinging.  Next up is a Gypsy Cafe gig for the 2 guitars on Friday March 21.

Friday March 21th 2014, 5:30 – 8:30 Gypsy Cafe in Sebastopol
Plectrum Duo (1930’s Acoustic Jazz Guitar)
no cover charge

Annie joins with special guest Andrew Emer on bass  at Bella Winery in the Dry Creek area of Sonoma County for a private party on Saturday March 22.

longest gigs ever

The Plectrum Ensemble played for 6 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday at Bella winery in the Dry Creek area of Sonoma County.   I did manage to sample some great Paella that they served both days.    Bella Winery is nice.  The weather was beautiful.  The group sounded good and the 6 hours each day had us go through almost every tune in our book which was a good thing.
My fingers are so tired.  I’m going to give them a rest until Friday night this week, Jan 24th at the Gypsy Cafe.  It’s only 3 hours there.  Perfect  : )


Plectrum Ensemble (2 guitars, bass, voice)
Gypsy Cafe / Sebastopol 5:30-8:30
no cover

Plectrum Ensemble’s concert debut

Well, the Plectrum Ensemble (quartet with 2 guitars, bass and vocals) is up and running.  We finished recording our new CD which should be out in early 2014.  We have also played a couple of small casual shows.   We have a performance coming up this Friday January 3rd at the Gypsy Cafe in Sebastopol from 5:30-8:30 (no cover).

The Gypsy Cafe performance has been going on with the Plectrum Duo version of the group for over a year.  We love playing there.  With Annie and Travis along to fill out the sound it will be even better.   We will be running through our set that we are planning for a BIG concert event that Travis is organizing in Santa Rosa on January 10th.  It’s called the Jazz Variety Showcase and it will feature 3 other bands.  Here is all the info on that one…

Please consider coming out to the concert on Jan 10.  The other groups are a blast and it should be a truly fun night of music.   Or try and join us on Jan 3rd at the Gypsy Cafe and hear us in a more intimate setting.



Plectrum Duo become the Plectrum Ensemble

The Plectrum Duo is merging with members of Santa Rosa’s own Oddjob Ensemble for a performances on Thursday Oct 3rd at the Arlene Francis Center (8-10:00 no cover) in downtown Railroad Square in Santa Rosa.   For this show we are calling ourselves the Plectrum Ensemble.  Here is a video from the vary first performance we did with the Oddjobers.  Since then we have performed and recorded.  We are very excited to play again on the OddJob Ensemble’s home turf.  It should be really fun.

Here is the Oddjob Ensemble Facebook page.

Here is the Arlene Francis info…


Last night on August 29 Cody and me (Morris) invited Annie (vocals) and Travis (bass) from the Odd-Job Ensemble to do some recording of Django/ Gypsy style music.  We did 5 tunes in about a 2 hour session.  It was a totally blast.  Annie sang wonderfully and Travis (who regularly plays Clarinet) shined on Bass.  We hope to do another session when those two return from a 3 week tour.  

Tonight Cody and I are again at the Gypsy Cafe in Sebastopol, 5:30-8:30 doing it duo style.


Gypsy on Friday

Last time at the Gypsy Cafe we had some great special guests come by and play the first west with us.  It was a blast.  This Friday August 16th its back to the regular duo format once again.

The Gypsy Cafe / special performance tonight

The Plectrum Duo performs regularly at the Gypsy Cafe in Sebastopol.  But tonight, it will extra special with several wonderful guest musicians joining the fun on the first set.  We will have Kelie on accordian, Travis on clarinet and Annie on violin and vocals.  They form a group of their own called the Odd Job Ensemble and perform all kinds of traditional Jazz and European flavored music with their own special twist.  They are also all three in Santa Rosa’s own Church Marching Band.


the music starts at 5:30 sharp.  The Odd Job folks will perform the first hour with us and then they are off to a concert in of their own in San Francisco.  We hope to see you there.