Tin Barns are the best barns

We all know that if you are going to build a barn it’s best to build it out of Tin.  So to celebrate tin, the Plectrum Duo (plus Tony Robinson on Bass) will perform Sat Oc 27 at Tin Barn Winery in the town of Sonoma from 4-7PM.

Tin Bar Vineyards
Tasting Room / Cellar / Offices:
21692 Eighth Street East #340
Sonoma, CA

1. Put away your GPS and get out a map.

2. From the Sonoma Plaza, drive south on Broadway until you reach Napa Rd. Turn left.

3. The first light is Eighth Street East. Turn right and drive about a mile, past Peru Rd. (on the right) until you see industrial warehouses. Get into the middle turn lane and prepare to turn left.

4. Turn left at 21692 Eighth Street East. Drive through the warehouse complex, following signs for Tin Barn Vineyards. We are all the way in the back of the warehouse, where the vineyard meets the airport.

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