Plectrum Ensemble’s concert debut

Well, the Plectrum Ensemble (quartet with 2 guitars, bass and vocals) is up and running.  We finished recording our new CD which should be out in early 2014.  We have also played a couple of small casual shows.   We have a performance coming up this Friday January 3rd at the Gypsy Cafe in Sebastopol from 5:30-8:30 (no cover).

The Gypsy Cafe performance has been going on with the Plectrum Duo version of the group for over a year.  We love playing there.  With Annie and Travis along to fill out the sound it will be even better.   We will be running through our set that we are planning for a BIG concert event that Travis is organizing in Santa Rosa on January 10th.  It’s called the Jazz Variety Showcase and it will feature 3 other bands.  Here is all the info on that one…

Please consider coming out to the concert on Jan 10.  The other groups are a blast and it should be a truly fun night of music.   Or try and join us on Jan 3rd at the Gypsy Cafe and hear us in a more intimate setting.




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